The first camping of the year in the middle of the Liwa desert (UAE).

During the winter, the weateher in UAE is very enjoyable and experience an off road adventure is very common for most of the people living here. 

Three hours off Dubai, we proceed in the Moreeb dunes direction (22°58'16.0"N 53°46'36.6"E), the meeting point with the rest of the group. After few stops for coffee and the wood procurement, we reached the spot before sunset. From the main road, we just moved in the middles of the desert, where we stopped in a a great spot sorruneded by the big dunes (up to 300m).

People from different part of the world attended to this my event, people with different stories and different background, but all united in the passion of adventure, living off road and feeling free. 

Before that heat will come up again, we will plan another party like this, in a different spot but with the same passion.