Title:South Africa, The Colors of a Dream

Location:South Africa


Editor:Federico Picci, Daniele Cagnazzo

Music:John Heath

"I can feel its heart beating.. a vigorous heart beat, that has been pulsing for million of years..
I breathe in the red land of the continent, blown by the strong southern wind.. I walk on the lonely path, inebriated by the scent of the vineyards and the loneliness of an endless journey.
I am lost beyond the blue, letting go of my soul to the impetuous sound of the ocean and to its strength, as the time slowly passes by in this remote corner of the world.
Whispers of civilizations finding their way amongst villages, amongst the folklore, in the battle amongst social classes. 
Fragments of life lost along the streets.. and its face atrociously young and eternal.
I experience Africa through the eyes of the children, through their smiles, and the misery of time, in the calmness of the rainy days.. and I see hope, and life. In the long wandering of my life I have finally found peace.. and joy"

Title:The Colors of a Dream

Location:South Africa


Editor:Federico Picci, Daniele Cagnazzo

Music:Invictus, Morgan Freeman.

The trailer about our great adventure in South Africa. 
A long journey through the African beat, through the people' smile, along ocean side and the deep wild. 
More than 3000 kilometers into the rainbow nation, capturing moments of ordinary life in remote corner of this beautiful land...

Title:Nepal, Road to the Annapurna base camp



Editor:Federico Picci

Music:Nick Mulvey - Fever To The Form, Radical Face - Welcome Home

The amazing adventure on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.

Nature, People, Food, Adventure... the perfect mix for my photography style, a great experience where sensations and emotions define the precise meaning of freedom. A short video to describe the best experience I ever made in my life. Hope you will enjoy it.

Title:Adventure in Montions



Editor:Federico Picci

Music:Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive

Live the Road and the adventure. A promo made on a camping session, up and down in Oman, between Wadi and Mountains. Enjoy the power of this video, a mix of scenes floating on the amazing track of Johnny Thunder, I'm Alive. We are traveller, we are Alive. 

Title:Jingle #1

Location:London, UK


Editor:Daniele Cagnazzo

Music:Better Call Saul Intro

London, Camden Town. The heart of the Rock soul and the place where you can get lost between history, people, street food and live music. This jingle is the essence of these imagery, the camera behind the subject trying to figure out what his mind is going to think. 

Title:Photography to me



Editor:Federico Picci

Music:Marco Mahler - Hike The Lake

Nature offers a unique spectacle. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being in a glacier or being in the opposite situation, into the infernal heat of the desert. Both are extreme conditions that can cause a complete mental black out. Being carried away by the wonder of nature and trying to recreate in the most authentic manner the scenario that unfolds in front of your eyes. Sometimes it’s a canyon smoothed in the sand, sometimes it’s the gaze of the one who has entrusted his life to fate. 
Photography is a simple tool that teaches you to look at the world from different angles. It’s an instrument for self expression and to describe your sensations, your deepest thoughts. Enclosing all this in one photo turns that moment into an unforgettable memory. Creating your own style is a way to stand out.