Italian photojournalist and videomaker, Daniele Cagnazzo graduated from the University of Bologna in Marketing and later in Statistical Sciences in 2011. He moved to London to start his career in media and communication before relocating to Dubai in 2015. Driven by a keen awareness of social and environmental issues, Daniele honed his photographic style influenced by local cultures in the Middle East. 

In 2016, he forged a partnership with Nikon Middle East, embarking on environmental and anthropological projects in South Africa and Kashmir. Upon returning to Italy in 2018, he contributed to the “Mini magic bus” project in Sri Lanka, producing four episodes for the TV show “Kilimangiaro,” on national tv channel “Raitre”.

Simultaneously in 2018, he initiated “La Polvere del Mondo” (The Dust of the World), a national series of photographic exhibitions and cultural events. These displays curated by Daniele showcased international themes and photographic works at PWC and IPG Interpublic spaces in Milan. In 2019, collaborating with Jeep, he curated an expedition in southern Morocco, unveiling the country’s authentic, lesser-known facets. Towards the year’s end, he launched an online Travel Photography course for the Travel Film School and online workshops.

In 2021 Daniele was awarded by the Newsroom Academy led by Inside Over to develop a reportage in Nepal Himalayas to document the climate change crisis in the region. This was the beginning of Daniele’s long term project called “The climate project” where he documents the different consequences of climate change on environment, social inequality, economics and geopolitics around the world. 

After the first chapter in 2022, Daniele moved to Perù in 2023 to face the climate crisis in the Amazon forest and in the Andes region. 

Dainele’s works have been featured in publications such as Repubblica, La Stampa, Huffington Post, Travel & Leisure, Lonely Planet, Inside Over and Lifegate.

Daniele is also committed to the launch of his startup called Around, a benefit corporate that aims to reduce the amount of disposable food packaging for take away and delivery, encouraging the adoption of reusable containers.