Dicembre 1, 2019



The phenomenon of digital nomads is a concept that just a few years ago would not have been possible. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and technologies,  the access to digital nomadism world is more than just a reality. A way of working, the remote one, chosen not only by young freelancers, but also by entrepreneurs and senior managers who decide to take a different path from the classic pyramid model, gaining greater freedom and flexibility to follow their own personal aspirations and needs. A new concept of work in line with the changes of the time, to face the continuous increase in the cost of living, especially in large cities, at the expense of blocked wages and with little room for growth.

The escape from the city and the high cost of living, together with the possibility of living in a place with excellent weather conditions, with a fast and smooth internet access, are just some of the main factors taken into consideration by those approaching this way of working and become digital nomads. A system born from the broken dreams of a the millennials generation,  which grew up in the uncertainty of the future and with an indispensable talent to survive the tough challenges in the absence of work. 

“Working while traveling” is precisely the motto of the generations born at the turn of the millennium, growing up traveling the world, dedicating their time to new experiences without the fear of putting themselves out of their comfort zone.