Settembre 30, 2020



Summer colors inebriate the hills of the Madonie park in the heart of the Sicilian land. Wheat for winter has been harvested for some time and August, for the local culture, represents a period of pause from fields, away from sunburned places and sheltered on the heights in search of fresh air.

Unlike the coastal area of ​​Sicily, which is assaulted by thousands of tourists despite the risks of this summer 2020 characterized by the Covid emergency, the hinterland follows a different, slow pace, far from the gatherings and the risks of the global pandemic. So, in the three hottest weeks of the year, I took part of the Woodvivors project, an expedition at a mule’s pace, which aims to tell the story of Italy that risks to disappear, that of ancient crafts and ancient peasant traditions; an ambitious project started from Sicily and will end next year in Piedmont, with the intention of telling our story, traveling through time.